The most valuable aspect of firearms training is time spent at the range.  Naturally, the objective of going to the range is to spend as much time as possible shooting. Time and energy spent digging through a disorganized backpack or tool box trying to find dummy rounds, shot timer, sight tools, spare magazines, loaders or other accessories is just wasted.  If you are paying by the hour, a good range bag will pay for itself.

The Sentinel Concepts Elite Collection A.R.B. Range Bag was designed  by Steve Fisher, the owner/lead instructor for Sentinel Concepts. He looked at what he and his shooters needed and put it in a bag for you.

There are a couple of different theories about exactly what ARB stands for, my favorite is Awesome Range bag.  It is modular, adjustable and comes in Ranger Green with Black Accents.

Made by TUFF Products, the ARB is built strong. The handgun mag pouches on the inside are removable so you place a medical kit or anything else with Velcro back. It makes sense it the way it was designed with room for the important tools and a few more.