In the military when it comes to being prepared for contingencies we have multiple plans and multiple weapons. They fall into the categories of primary, secondary and tertiary. As responsible citizens who carry concealed we should adopt the same mindset each day before we leave the safety of our homes. For most, their primary weapon will be their pistol of choice. Typically the secondary weapon would be a knife of some sort. When it comes to carrying a knife most will choose to carry a folding knife of some type. There are a-lot of folding knives that claim to be ‘tactical’ knives for self defense. It doesn’t matter what the opening mechanism is (automatic, assisted opening, or the Emerson Wave feature), they will never be as fast and reliable as a good fixed blade. With a fixed blade there is no need to worry about opening the knife under stress or the locking mechanism failing under stress causing injury to yourself.

Concealable fixed blades also come in many different configurations. I have reviewed some other concealable fixed blades here on the Loadout Room in the past. They all have their pros and cons.

Today we are going to take a look at an offering from the company Sentinel Gear. They offer a few different options, but the one we’re looking at in this article is the Mk3 Blade. The Sentinel Gear Mk3 seems to be an ideal size for a concealable option. With a blade length of 3.3″ and a overall length of 7″, you’re able to get a full grip on the handle and have plenty of blade to work with. This also doubles as a great everyday blade due to it’s size. Even though it’s a fixed blade, it’s not going to scare people when you use it for everyday utility tasks.

Sentinel Gear | Mk3 Concealable Fixed Blade
The Mk3 blade alongside the included kydex sheath

The handle has great ergonomics and feels great in the hand. The design allows you to lock in a full grip protecting you from ‘riding’ the blade during use. The material used is a sculpted black G10, providing excellent traction in wet or sweaty conditions.