The Sicarii (one of the most fanatical black ops organizations of the ancient world). The Sicarii operated in the shadows of the ancient world. In Latin, Sicarii is the plural form of Sicarius meaning “dagger-man” or “dagger-wielder”.

The Sicarii were deeply motivated by their beliefs in God, Freedom and the independence of their country. These beliefs turned them into fearless assassins.

In order to be effective in their operations, the Sicarii relied on the few advantages that they possessed; Their knowledge of the local streets, their ability to mingle with the native people and blend in and speak the local language. They knew the distances to and from most places to include short cuts and escape routes. For a small elite group such as the Sicarii, these advantages are force multipliers.

The Sicarii subjected themselves to intense training regimens to become masters of the blade and to psychologically prepare themselves for the close quarters battle. They didn’t have technology then, so they had to rely on personal skill. In other words the person was the weapon. The knife they chose was just the right tool for the job at hand.