The big news on the eve of the end of Shot show was the SIG P320 was chosen as the winner of the Army’s MHS competition and will be the next M17 pistol. I couldn’t be happier for Sig, the folks at their booth were pretty pumped about it this morning at Shot Show 2017. The P320 will be the M17 handgun. It’s a modular weapon, easy shooting, an excellent trigger, and is accurate and reliable. In my opinion, it’s easily one of the best striker fired guns on the market. “coughPPQrulescough”

The Sig P320 is now the M17

So why did the Army decide to even have a contest to choose a new gun? Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on this contest and over 500 million will be spent on the pistols. So what was so bad about the Beretta M9? It’s an old design for sure, it’s heavy, has a massive grip for a 9mm, isn’t modular, and has an absolutely terrible safety.

Photo Courtesy of SIG SAUER

I think the Beretta M9 is still a great handgun. It’s reliable, accurate, and capable. Is the Sig P320 better? Absolutely. Is the Sig so good we are gaining a massive benefit when compared to the Beretta? I’m not so sure. Sure it has a rail, but is their plan to issues a pistol light and a holster for the gun and light?

The M9 is still a contender

The Beretta is a solid service pistol, it’s already in armories, armorers already know how to fix them, and the likelihood of a service member going to their handgun in a fight is very low. Outside of military law enforcement units, the pistol is a rarely issued weapon, and even then it’s rarely used.