The SIG P365 shook the industry up just a few weeks ago. The P365 wasn’t just another mini concealed carry gun with a polymer frame. SIG was promising something new. If you just looked at SIG’s publications you didn’t see the real potential of the gun. The pictures were vague and they didn’t put much in the picture to really give you an idea of just how big the gun is. SIG was promising 10+1 rounds in a flush fitting magazine and listed the specs as a gun that would challenge guns like the Glock 43 in size, with almost double the magazine capacity.


Can the SIG P365 really be that small?

Yes it really is that small. It’s a little bigger than my palm. Its remarkably small, and the grip is smaller than it possibly should be. The magazine and grip is short and comfortable in the hand. It’s almost like a blend of the of the Walther PPS and a SIG P series pistol. How this gun works is a mix of German and Swiss magic. That’s what I assume anyway because I can’t explain it. It’s so small and light and the fact you can squeeze 10+1 rounds in it is impressive.

The P365 may start something new in the gun world. It’s stupid small and has a great capacity. I tend to carry full sized guns more often than not, but the SIG P365 would make an outstanding deep concealment gun. Some situations I need a gun in my pocket, of carried IWB and the SIG P365 may soon be that gun.

My only complaint is the high price of mags with 10 rounders being $50 and 12 rounders being $55. SIG is also wise enough to have both an IWB and OWB holster available at release. This is a trend I hope more gun companies follow. The SIG P365 looks like its going to set the bar for tiny CCWs. Watch out Glock.


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.