According to Kyiv, Russia has exhausted its stock of Shahed-136 drones from Iran.

Three weeks ago, Shahed-136 drones made in Iran were spotted over Ukraine, and its Air Force says Russia has probably used up its supply.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Shahed-136 drones produced in Iran have not been observed over Ukrainian skies since mid-July, and the reason is that Russia may have run out of them.

The Shahed-type loitering drones have not been seen around Ukrainian air defense positions for the last three weeks, Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat said Tuesday at the Ukrainian Media Center.

“It’s been three weeks” since Ukrainian air defense forces have seen “the loitering drones of the Shahed-type,” Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, said during a press conference Tuesday at the Ukrainian Media Center. “There are different thoughts and factors which indicate probably that the first shipment received by the occupiers is over [and] they ran out of them.”

Of the Shahed-136 drones, Russia initially ordered 1,700, only about 400 of which have been delivered so far, Ignat said. He said about 350 were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces. The ones that made it to their targets caused significant destruction and terrorized Ukrainian civilians.

It has been reported that Shahed-136 drones have been transferred to Iranian proxies in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and used in Iranian service.

The harsh weather in Ukraine during the winter also affected their use. Icing conditions and the severely cold atmosphere might have exceeded the drones’ performance envelope. Ignat, however, disagrees, stating: