It’s been almost a week since Ukraine started their offensive with the goal of reclaiming most of the Russian-occupied regions like Crimea and Kherson.

We’ve reported that there has been aggressive movement on Ukraine’s side, with Russians taking losses daily in men, artillery, ammunition, and tanks. We also reported on the memoir of one of the Russian veterans who decided to share his take on the Russian offensive, giving us an in-depth look at what actually goes on on the Russian side.

And today, Russians are getting bombarded yet again by Ukrainians as the latter see a gap in military communications and poor leadership. According to the British Intelligence report, Ukraine is taking advantage of Russia’s “poor logistics, administration and leadership.” They continue to shoot HIMARS decoys and disrupt lines of communications as the Ukrainian Ground Forces focus on an ongoing campaign along the west of the Dnipro River, “focusing on three axes within Russian-occupied Kherson Oblast.”

“The operation has limited immediate objectives, but Ukraine’s forces have likely achieved a degree of tactical surprise; exploiting poor logistics, administration, and leadership in the Russian armed forces.