Former F/A-18C Hornet pilot and Principal Correspondent for the Fox News Channel, Lea Gabrielle, sits down with FighterSweep for 6 questions.

FighterSweep had the privilege of sitting down with Fox News Principal Correspondent Lea Gabrielle to discuss what else–Fighter Jets!–and, of course, a whole host of other things. FS readers will enjoy her perspectives on reporting about national security, women in fighter aviation, and what it’s like being a pilot. We also got her to give us an “I was there” story–and it involves a night trap on the boat. Yikes!

A US Naval Academy graduate from the class of 1997, Lea served as an F/A-18C Hornet pilot with the VFA-83 Rampagers assigned to CVW-7.  She deployed on USS George Washington (CVN-73) and flew missions over Iraq and Afghanistan for Operations Southern Watch and Enduring Freedom. She also spent time embedded with SEAL teams as an intelligence officer. Needless to say, we had to talk with her.

These days you can see her regularly on the Fox News Channel as Principle Correspondent for Shepard Smith Reporting.

FS:  Many folks may not know that you flew F/A-18 Hornets off of aircraft carriers before you were Principle Correspondent for Shepard Smith Reporting on the Fox News Channel. So what’s it like reporting on military action instead of being directly involved?