The SKELI X-11 Modular Carbine is an American made polymer rifle that looks shockingly similar to a few others rifles currently on the market with one catch, the price is almost half of the others. A few moments after reading the press release on this rifle I asked the same question you are probably asking, WHO or WHAT is SKELI ?


Skeli Advanced Firearms Technology is reported to be a United States based company that has been in business since 2012 according to the company’s web page Outside of that the web site is a little vague, We here at The Arms Guide have sent emails to the company in order to track down some more answers to our questions.


The listed talking points of the X-11 contain all the buzzwords we in the gun industry love to hear. The rifle is reportedly going to come with a quick change barrel system that allows the user to swap barrels in under 60 seconds. It’s suppose to come with a short stroke piston gas system similar to several other established rifles like the FN SCAR and H&K 416 variants.

We took the below specs directly from the company web site and between the listed standard features and the MSRP being almost half of comparable rifles, the idea of an affordable piston rifle that shoots the 5.56mm round is mouth watering.



We hope to hear back from Skeli Arms about the X-11 but one thing we know for sure, they are scheduled to be at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada in January and we intend to find them and ask more questions. I’m fairly certain this little known company will be swamped with requests from media outlets. Let’s hope that they are able to accommodate those of us begging for a look at this new rifle. If it turns out to be as good as it looks it will definitely be interesting to see if the company can keep up with demand. The other possibility is that IF this rifles turns out to be a big hit, will the rights and design be gobbled up by a major gun industry player such was the case with the HS2000 pistol from Croatia which became the Springfield Xd line.

One thing is for certain, SHOT Show 2017 is really shaping up to be full of good things, especially with the possibility of silencers being taken off the NFA registry and several new companies breaking onto the scene to shake things up. Check back with us while we work on developing more information on the Skeli X-11 and other new products for our readers.

This article is courtesy of Rick Dembroski from The Arms Guide.