Following the Czech Republic’s donation of 56 Pbv-501 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine with the approval of Germany, Slovenia is now stepping up to the plate and donating its own set of tanks to Ukraine. This is to help the country defend its territory against the Russian advance in Donbas. It is rumored that Slovenia’s Yugoslav-made M-84 tanks (an upgraded version of the T-72) would be sent to Ukraine.

According to reports, Slovenian Defense Minister Matej Tonin discussed the donation with German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht through a video call last Wednesday. The deal reportedly stated that Slovenia would send 30 to 40 units of M-84s to Ukraine, and Germany would give Slovenia an undisclosed number of German-made tanks and Marder and Fuchs APCs in return. Slovenia also asked Germany for more additional weapons, such as the Leopard 2 tanks and the Puma and Boxer APCs.