The Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag is a messenger bag designed for armed professionals. The original intent of the bag was to give armed personnel an option for a fighting loadout without having to wear a plate carrier or war belt.

Overview of the Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag

The Sneaky Bags Shoulder utility bag is designed to be low profile and inconspicuous. There are no apparent giveaways that the Sneaky Bag is anything tactical. No apparent MOLLE, the colors you can choose from are black, blue, and gray. It looks plain but in a good way. Even the logo is inconspicuous, it’s a hammer and wrench in a red and black circle.

Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag - First Look

What’s hidden in the Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag is a well thought out tactical bag. The kit works as an ammo carrier, a drop pouch and has room to hold a small medical kit. The bag is divided into three pockets, each serving a distinctive purpose.


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.