The Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag is a messenger bag designed for armed professionals. The original intent of the bag was to give armed personnel an option for a fighting loadout without having to wear a plate carrier or war belt.

Overview of the Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag

The Sneaky Bags Shoulder utility bag is designed to be low profile and inconspicuous. There are no apparent giveaways that the Sneaky Bag is anything tactical. No apparent MOLLE, the colors you can choose from are black, blue, and gray. It looks plain but in a good way. Even the logo is inconspicuous, it’s a hammer and wrench in a red and black circle.

Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag - First Look

What’s hidden in the Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag is a well thought out tactical bag. The kit works as an ammo carrier, a drop pouch and has room to hold a small medical kit. The bag is divided into three pockets, each serving a distinctive purpose.

Main Pouch

The main pouch is designed to carry your fighting load. The inside is covered with both hook and loop and MOLLE. The hook and loop and MOLLE are one in the same. The MOLLE webbing is covered with hook and loop material. Opposite from that is a wall of pure hook and loop material. The main pouch of the Shoulder Utility bag uses HDPE plastic to keep the main pouch open and it won’t accidently close when you need to reach a reload.

Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag - First Look
Main Pouch with 9mm Ammo box for scale

The Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag There is also a mini pouch for holding additional mags, or gear of any kind. It’s easy to open and use, but not an immediate option. Alternatively, the main pouch is a good choice for holding a small laptop, books, a camera, and other daily use gear.

Secondary Pouch

The secondary pouch is actual a pretty useful dump pouch. It stays open and seems like an excellent miniature drop pouch. The pouch itself is big enough for a small tablet, a handgun, or if your a dad like me some Goldfish and juice boxes.

Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag - First Look
Secondary “Drop Pouch”

Third Pouch

The Third and smallest pouch of the Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility bag is perfect for holding a small amount of medical gear. The inside has dual layer elastic areas for easily holding important gear. The pouch also has a segment of hook and loop with an ID pouch attached. This could be lifesaving in a situation to identify yourself as a good guy in a bad situation.