Cigars and Whisky

The guys and I were knocking around the SOFREP Team Room the other night, brainstorming ideas for a pic of the day, smoking cigars, and secretly sampling Brandon’s private stash of fine Japanese Whiskies, when someone blurted out, “Hey, Geo Hand is so popular I bet you could get a million views of a pic of him eating lunch!” 

“You’re on, you mad bastard! Let’s do it.” I slightly slurred after downing my second go of two fingers of a 12-year-old Yamazaki single malt.

“Get ‘im on the phone,” my colleague enthused, not realizing (or caring) that it was the middle of the night in Geo-land.

So I dialed the secret 10-digit number, and a drowsy and slightly miffed Mr. Hand asked me why I was bothering him.

Mr. Hand
No, not that Mr. Hand. Screenshot of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” from YouTube.

“Guy, what the f**k do you want? Don’t you own a clock?”

“Chik, we need a pic of you eating lunch for SOFREP.”

“You’re drunk again, aren’t you?” He replied.

“A little, but James thinks we could get a million views posting a picture of you eating lunch. Not today, of course,” I continued, “Old Geo…I mean young Geo.”  

“I know what you mean, dick.” he snickered back. “Let me root around the shoebox, and I’ll get something to you TOMORROW.” 

“Sounds good,” I replied

“Out.” was his one-word response as he hung up the phone and went back to dreams of chasing bad guys.

And so, dear reader, that’s how we have the pic of the day for this second of September. Behold Private George Hand, plastic spoon in hand (no pun intended), taking a meal break in the field. An eleven-series soldier with plans of becoming Army SF squarely in his sights.

Bonus Pic

We also have a bonus image from the shoebox of plenty. Below you see a Kindergarten-aged Geo looking buttoned up and stoic.

Geo’s kindergarten class. Image courtesy of Geo’s box ‘o plenty.

Is it just me, or does every kid in that class seem to be more than a little bit grumpy? And by the looks of it, they all had the same barber…but I digress.

Bonus Video: Delta in Action

Because you guys have been such good sports and stuck with me this far, I’ve added some bonus footage of the Delta Force raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.


Call to Action

Now that you are still with me let’s make something happen. Let’s get those million views. Send this to your mom,  your dad, your old platoon mates…whoever. Blast it on social media, yell it from the rooftops…whatever it takes. (Yeah, don’t really yell from the rooftops, but you get the idea).

So, let’s spin this thing up and see what we can make happen.

And while you are at it, go out and buy Geo’s book and visit his website. I promise it’s all good stuff.