SOFREP has friends from all over the globe.

Today’s SOF Pic of the Day comes to us from our good friend and SOFREP contributor Damian Porter. It’s not hard to pick him out of this photo; he’s the one without the black bar over his eyes. Of course, the privacy of the other operators must be protected.

Damian tells us what we are looking at here are “The Originals.” B Squadron 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Group, CTTAG Counter Terrorist Tactical Assault Group ( Now D Squadron Commando). The photo was snapped back in 2006 during their static line parachute course.

Here we have a video from Damian’s YouTube channel telling the story of a recent shooting in the central business district (CBD) of Auckland. He discovered the shooter was a perpetrator of domestic violence and wrote about the incident on SOFREP here.