I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the deployment of any kind of nuclear weapons by Russian or Belarusian leaders is not going to be good for anyone. There is no “winning” strategy here, no positive outcome…only possible escalation of a war that needs to be strictly confined to Ukraine’s borders.

Just this past Friday, the US clashed with Russia in the United Nations about this very matter; the fact that the Kremlin plans on deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which shares a border with both Ukraine and Poland. Ukrainian officials went as far as to say that the action would “threaten the world with nuclear apocalypse.” 

Even China, without mentioning Russia by name, weighed in, stating they believed it was a bad idea.

When China thinks you are taking a stupid and ill-advised action, it’s time for the nations in question to take a big step back and reconsider their strategy.