The best thing about being a 12-year-old band of brothers (and sisters) is that we now have a comprehensive collection of stories we’ve built over the years. Veterans Day is one of the most important occasions we celebrate here at SOFREP. We look back to our own journeys and remember our fallen comrades in battle as their sacrifice continue to inspire us to always serve for the freedom of our country. And for us, we are using this platform as a way to inform and connect with our fellow veterans.

So, here’s a look at SOFREP’s VD celebration over the years!

What Being a Veteran Means to Me

Being a Veteran
(Photo by Maj. Candice Allen/DVIDS)

“I am a veteran. A veteran of many things, one of which happens to be military service. Air Force service, to the tune of 20 years. What does it mean to me to be a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces?”

“I didn’t join to make the world a better place, fight terrorism, or even go to school. I joined to make life better for my wife and son. I joined to stop myself from becoming an alcoholic, junkie, or worse. I joined because it was the best option I had at the time. I stayed because of people like TSgt Jones. He was an Air Force veteran when we met, and his example led me to where I am right now, writing this piece for you to read.”

Read this entire piece here.

What Veterans Day Means to You: Gratitude


We asked our readers to share with us what Veterans Day means to them. We were overwhelmed with responses.

While reading through them, we began to see themes emerge. One such theme is a deep sense of gratitude for veterans, for their sacrifices, and for how their service has shaped your lives.