• German Intelligence Service says Saudi Arabia is destabilizing the Middle East

    Saudi Arabia is at risk of becoming a major destabilising influence in the Arab world, German intelligence has warned. Internal power struggles and the desire to emerge as the leading Arab power threaten to make the key Western ally a source of instability, according to the BND intelligence service. “The current cautious diplomatic stance of senior members of the Saudi royal family will be replaced by an impulsive intervention policy,” a BND memo widely distributed to the German press reads. – The Telegraph

  • China must be laughing as Western nations plan to implode their economies with carbon emission standards

    What do you call it when elites fly their private jets to an international climate change conference to forge a deal with despots that caps American prosperity without our consent? You call it progressivism. It’s estimated that 50,000 carbon-spewing humans participated in the Paris climate conference. But while President Barack Obama was taking his working dinner at the three-Michelin-star L’Ambroisie, public protesters were banned from protesting in the aftermath of the Islamic terror attacks. Liberté? Not so much. – Reason

  • US Air Force running low on bombs to drop on ISIS

    The US military says its 15-month bombing campaign on the Islamic State is depleting its munitions supply and that additional money and other support is “critical” for “the long fight.” “We’re expending munitions faster than we can replenish them,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said Friday. “We need the funding in place to ensure we’re prepared for the long fight. This is a critical need.” The Air Force has reportedly fired more than 20,000 bombs and missiles in Syria in the fight to dismantle the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Air Force officials say they have enough munitions right now but project a shortage and want more long-term planning and funding to meet future needs. – Military

  • B-52 bombers still strong

    OVER THE GREAT PLAINS — Glance down from the ageless expanse of blue sky into the cockpit of the Air Force’s largest bomber, and the panorama is decidedly more dated — banks of steam gauges quiver above aluminum levers built during the Eisenhower administration, obsolete knobs and dials unused in decades gather dust. And much of the rest of the mammoth B-52 bomber is just as antiquated. Vacuum tubes have been replaced with microchips, and the once-standard ashtrays are gone. But eight engines along the wings still connect to the cockpit by yards of cables and pulleys, and the navigator often charts a course with a slide rule. – The New York Times

  • ISIS supporter stabs passenger on London subway(Video, Graphic)

    A man slashed in the throat by a terrorist in Leytonstone Underground has spoken of how he had to be ‘dragged off’ the attacker even as he bled from the neck – while other members of the public just ‘stood around’ filming on their mobile phones. David Pethers, 33, a father-of-one from east London, was left bleeding after the 29-year-old cut him in the neck with a Stanley knife during the confrontation. ‘I was dragged away, I was bleeding from the neck. I know it sounds crazy, but I went back to have another go,’ he told MailOnline. – The Daily Mail

[Featured image: Prince Mohammed bin Salman is believed to have played a key role in Saudi Arabia’s decision to intervene in Yemen Photo: Getty Images]