One month to go in our quarterly sweepstakes and we’re amped to see so many people participating. Despite some clear front running sluggers, the field remains wide open. We thought it would be a good opportunity to go over the sweepstakes rules and remind people of the prizes in store for our three top participants.

About the Sweepstakes

The SOFREP sweepstakes will run every quarter (four times a year). The winners of each quarterly contest will be announced across SOFREP channels 15 days after the quarter ends.

Users can participate and win prizes by commenting on the Team Room forums (two points), sharing articles (five points) or referring friends to SOFREP subscriptions (50 points).

It’s that easy!

Check-in on the standings and see all the information about the sweepstakes here.

Q4 Sweepstakes Prize Information

SOFREP Sweepstakes

1st Place Prize: Handgun Bundle + Signed Copy of Among Heroes by Brandon Webb — Estimated Value: $2,500

This one-of-a-kind prize comes from the private gun safe of former Navy SEAL and SOFREP founder and CEO Brandon Webb. The bundle includes two stalwart firearms: the Heckler and Koch P2000 and the Glock 45. You couldn’t ask for a better duo of pistols. The HK P2000 is one of the most reliable German-made handguns out there and is favored by law enforcement and military members. The Glock 45 is likewise an excellent handgun and is a must-have in a personal arsenal. Both weapons come from Brandon’s personal collection and have been lovingly kept and maintained. (Certain conditions apply.)