One month to go in our quarterly sweepstakes and we’re amped to see so many people participating. Despite some clear front running sluggers, the field remains wide open. We thought it would be a good opportunity to go over the sweepstakes rules and remind people of the prizes in store for our three top participants.

About the Sweepstakes

The SOFREP sweepstakes will run every quarter (four times a year). The winners of each quarterly contest will be announced across SOFREP channels 15 days after the quarter ends.

Users can participate and win prizes by commenting on the Team Room forums (two points), sharing articles (five points) or referring friends to SOFREP subscriptions (50 points).

It’s that easy!

Check-in on the standings and see all the information about the sweepstakes here.

Q4 Sweepstakes Prize Information

SOFREP Sweepstakes

1st Place Prize: Handgun Bundle + Signed Copy of Among Heroes by Brandon Webb — Estimated Value: $2,500

This one-of-a-kind prize comes from the private gun safe of former Navy SEAL and SOFREP founder and CEO Brandon Webb. The bundle includes two stalwart firearms: the Heckler and Koch P2000 and the Glock 45. You couldn’t ask for a better duo of pistols. The HK P2000 is one of the most reliable German-made handguns out there and is favored by law enforcement and military members. The Glock 45 is likewise an excellent handgun and is a must-have in a personal arsenal. Both weapons come from Brandon’s personal collection and have been lovingly kept and maintained. (Certain conditions apply.)

Alongside the handguns, you’ll also receive a personalized copy of Brandon’s New York Times Best Selling book Among Heroes. The book is his personal account of eight extraordinary Navy SEALs who gave everything for their comrades and their country with remarkable valor and humbling humanity: Matt “Axe” Axelson, who perished on Afghanistan’s Lone Survivor mission; Chris Campbell, Heath Robinson, and JT Tumilson, who were among the casualties of Extortion 17; Glen Doherty, Webb’s best friend, killed while helping secure the successful rescue and extraction of American CIA and State Department diplomats in Benghazi; and other close friends, classmates, and fellow warriors. These are men who left behind powerfully instructive examples of what it means to be alive — and what it truly means to be a hero.

SOFREP Sweepstakes
The Marathon GSAR watch.

2nd Place Prize: Automatic (GSAR) with U.S. Government Markings sponsored by Marathon Watch —Value: $1,200

Marathon has been manufacturing military-spec watches for decades. The GSAR, or Global Search and Rescue, is a robust 41mm divers watch that’s been produced in accordance with U.S. Government Specification and issued and worn by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It even has a Nato Stock Number (6645-21-558-0133) engraved on the case back.

If you’re looking for a bulletproof field watch or something that you can reach for whether you’re headed to the range or down range, the Marathon GSAR is it.

Winston Privacy filter

3rd Place Prize: Winston Privacy Filter + $200 Voucher for the SOFREP Store sponsored by Winston Privacy & SOFREP — Value $320

Winston Privacy’s internet filter delivers faster browsing, fewer ads, and safer, more private internet on every device in your home. It blocks most internet surveillance, stops ads and trackers, and will guard every device in your home from your kids’ tablet to your Smart TV. It’s even got separate modes should you need to up your coverage.

In addition to the Winston Privacy Filter, you’ll receive a $200 voucher for the SOFREP Store, where you can shop our wide selection of soft goods and apparel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer someone for a free trial and get points?

You cannot earn points for a trial specifically, but if you refer someone to a trial and that user ends up sticking around for full membership once the trial expires, then you get rewarded those points.

Do the points I earn in the Sweepstakes carry over when the next quarter starts?

The points reset at the start of each quarter. But we do not announce the winners until 15 days after the quarter has ended. So if you refer someone to a trial on December 31st and that person ends up becoming a full member after their 14-day trial is up, you still get those points assigned to you.

Does it matter what type of subscription I refer?

Nope! It’s about bringing people into the community rather than getting them to commit to a full year or not. All new members are equal in our eyes and, as such, are worth the same amount of points

Couldn’t I spam comments or share articles one after the other to rake in points?

While we do hope that our members play the Sweepstakes as intended without resorting to spam or tricks, we have cooldowns in place to combat this. Sharing an article or a comment has a three-hour cooldown, so for points, you can share and comment once respectively every three hours.

Note: SOFREP reserves the right to suspend participants if we suspect abuse of the sweepstakes.