Alpha 2021


Participate in the SOFREP community, refer friends and win incredible prizes from our amazing sponsor.

  • Alpha 2021 Prizes:
  • 1st Place:

    Leica Spotting Scope, signed by Brandon Webb. sponsored by SOFREP

  • 2nd Place:

    Steel Fear Advanced Reader Copy. sponsored by SOFREP

  • 3rd Place:

    X-TALKER T71VP3 Two-Way Radio and $200 voucher for the SOFREP Store. sponsored by Midland Radio and SOFREP.


Names List Points
Trent L
Keith W.
Holli B.
Enric G.
Clayton W.
Brandon Webb
Reva S
Dave M.
Ryan L

Sweepstakes end in:





1st PLACE PRIZE Worth $2,500

Leica Spotting Scope, signed by Brandon Webb, New York Times Bestseller and former Navy SEAL Instructor.

The Leica is a world-class spotting scope, that offers a combination of superb optical quality with excellent portability.

2nd PLACE PRIZE Worth $1,000

Steel Fear Advance Reader Copy, Signed by Brandon Webb.

Obtain an advance reader copy of Steel Fear, the thriller released by Brandon Webb and John Mann in June 2021 about a serial killer aboard a Navy Aircraft Carrier. The fact that this story has been adapted to a TV series makes this an extremely valuable collector’s item.

3rd PLACE PRIZE Worth $279.99

X-TALKER T71VP3 Two-Way Radio & $200 Voucher for SOFREP Store.

Ridiculously long battery life (up to 15 hours), extensive range, loaded with extras and protected by Midland’s 3-year warranty. X-TALKER T71 walkie talkie features up to a 38-mile range and features 36 Channels and 121 Privacy Codes, Channel Scan, and Midland’s signature NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan technology.

How to Participate

The Sweepstakes are meant to empower the SOFREP community by rewarding our members for simple things like participation in discussions, sharing content and referring friends.

As a subscribed Member of SOFREP, you are automatically able to join the Sweepstakes by engaging in any of the following points-rewarding activities.

50 points
Refer a friend

Using the unique referral link found in your profile, refer a friend, family member or anyone in your community to a SOFREP subscription.

5 points
Share an Article

Simply share an article you enjoy on your social media and easily earn a few points for your efforts.

2 points
Leave a Comment

Community is an important part of SOFREP. Get rewarded for simple things like commenting or posting on our Team Room forums.


You cannot earn points for a trial specifically, but if you refer someone to a trial and that user ends up sticking around for full membership once the trial expires, then you get rewarded those points.
The points reset at the start of each sweepstakes (every 6 months). But, we do not announce the winners until 15 days after the quarter has ended so if you refer someone to a trial on December 31st and that person ends up becoming a full member after their 14 day trial is up, you still get those points assigned to you.
Nope! It’s about bringing people into the community rather than getting them to commit to a full year or not. All new members are equal in our eyes and, as such, are worth the same amount of points
While we do hope that our members play the Sweepstakes as intended without resorting to spam or tricks, we have cooldowns in place to combat this. Sharing an article or comment has a 3-hour cooldown, so you can share once and comment once for points every 3 hours.