Nick Irving, a longtime Loadout Room and SOFREP contributor, is a former Ranger sniper who served in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. His 2015 autobiography, “The Reaper,” is set to be turned into an NBC miniseries. The following are several questions SOFREP readers submitted for Nick to answer.

What do you see as the next stage in the evolution of the sniper role? And in your opinion, what will be the most influencing aspect of the evolution? Technological advances, battlefield environmentals, etc.?

I think the next stage for snipers will be the advance in technology. I don’t think the role of the sniper will ever change: covertly gathering intel and reporting it back to higher. How it will be done may change over time. It may not be a sniper team sneaking into a position and staying for long periods of time. The sniper and his rifle will always be there, but with the evolution of how we fight wars, the weapon system will more than likely change—almost to the point where the sniper leaves all calculations and adjustments to the computer system incorporated with the rifle, like “Tracking Point.”

What’s your favorite cereal? If Cap ‘n Crunch…how many bowls can you eat before the roof of your mouth tears apart?

LOL! My favorite cereal would have to be Honey Bunches of Oats. But, if it were Cap ‘n Crunch, I would say I could probably eat five bowls before my mouth gave way or I felt sick.

As someone who didn’t join the military because I’m colorblind, I’m wondering if you feel that being colorblind affected your time in the military. (Did you have a hard time seeing stuff or anything?)

Sorry to hear that. I don’t think being colorblind really hindered me for the most part. The only problem I had was being able to see the red laser pointer on a map. I would always have to ask my spotter where the pointer was. Other than that, no issue!

Given the sometimes glacial pace that equipment and weapons acquisition can take in the military due to a variety of factors, we often (myself included) have gone to the private tactical market for solutions to battlefield-related issues. Do you think it would be easier and more appropriate to allow soldiers such as yourself to custom order and outfit themselves for the missions to come on the DOD’s dime?