In the fast and flashy world of bustling America, we sometimes forget how our homegrown heroes live their lives. Today, we’ll show you the inspiring dedication of Navy’s Nick O’Sullivan.

“I always push myself to try and learn something new every day.” This is how Nick wakes up every morning – with purpose and passion. When he was seven years old, his family moved all over the country because of his father’s job. He played baseball in school and became an umpire in high school. For Nick, his sports training taught him to make the right decisions at the right time. This would become one of his irreplaceable foundational skills in the military.

Nick was not a kid who you would call a “jock.” Instead, he was extraordinarily creative and had a passion for design. In the military, he integrates his love for creating things into his woodworking activities.

As young Nick sought a career that would change his life, he went on to work in a local grocery store, but he knew there was something bigger awaiting his destiny.
He knew he wanted to serve “something bigger than himself.”