You’ve Done Your Twenty Years and a Wake Up, Are Ready To Retire or Start a New Life Elsewhere, but Where To Go?

The following list accounts for the quality of life (climate, food, activities), safety, travel time back to America, Healthcare, and Value for the mighty US dollar.

We hope you enjoy our picks and look forward to your feedback in the comments.

3. Philippines

Long friendly towards Americans, the country also has excellent healthcare options. It’s only third on our list because getting to the US and back takes time. Incredible food and value for the dollar are amazing. You can live like a King or Queen for $1500US a month.

Best places to live in the PH ranked by EXPAT exchange.

Official tourist sites and destinations are here. 

2. Mexico

Regardless of the narco’s reputation, Mexico is an incredible choice and probably safer than most parts of Los Angeles and Chicago.

Significant areas to consider are Mexico City which, at over 7,000 feet of elevation, has quite a mild climate year-round, incredible food options, museums, and markets. Additionally, it is easy to get anywhere as its served by a significant international airport.

The tip of Baja is also an incredible option.

The Cabo San Lucas corridor (East cape of Baja) is also home to the controversial Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura, who lives up the road from SOFREP founder Brandon Webb’s father.

Plenty of veteran ex-pats call Mexico home. It’s number two on our list because of the close proximity to the US, climate, and value for the dollar.

The best places to live in Mexico by International Expat link is here.

The official tourism site for Mexico is here.

1. Portugal

SOFREP Founder Brandon Webb researched his new home in Lisbon, Portugal, extensively.

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“For me the big factors for me in choosing to live in Portugal were that I can hop an easy nonstop flight back to the US. The food is fresh and incredible, access to world class healthcare, the weather is similar to California where I grew up as a kid. Portugal also has easy access to the rest of Europe, and since I have a family, safety was important. Portugal ranks as the 6th safest country in the world!” former Navy SEAL and CEO of, Brandon Webb.

This is why we chose Portugal as a top place to retire from outside the US. Also worth noting is that USAA Federal Credit Union will insure your home and car in Portugal.

The official Portugal tourism site is here.