Multi-tools are are an EDC must for many of us. When folded and put away a traditional multi-tool is basically an oddly shaped rectangle. If you don’t mind carrying it in a belt pouch then this typically isn’t an issue. I personally hate things that aren’t guns on my belt, and I can’t carry via belt in formal clothes anyway. I find that odd rectangle to be odd in my pocket as well. It takes up the room in my pocket that I could be using for my cell phone, my keys, Skittles, you know normal stuff. Informal clothes that bulge is unsightly and shows up terribly in slacks. The SOG Baton aims to cure the awkwardness associated with carrying a multi-tool.

A traditional Rectangle Tool Courtesy

What’s the SOG Baton

The SOG Baton, or Batons, are a series of multi-tools designed to be easier to pocket carry and are an inspired minimalist design. There are four total Batons, but today I am mainly talking about the Baton Q3. What sets the Baton apart is that instead of folding in half and forming those awkward rectangles it folds into a straight line. To open it you pull the two sides apart and it folds downward, forming your pliers.

The SOG Baton: A New Kind Of Multi-Tool

The Q3 is packed with 13 tools and is the model that best represents the classic multi-tool. The tools included are as follows: