Further boosting its defense and deterrence capabilities, South Korea unveiled its latest “Kill Web” concept earlier this month, which can shut down advancing nuclear threats even during the pre-launch stage.

This report from an anonymous South Korean defense official comes amid rising tensions with North Korea and Pyongyang’s nuclear threats and missile testing provocations, which have become alarmingly frequent in recent years.

Seoul’s defense ministry is looking to improve its immediate and strategic response plan, and the Kill Web concept is one of them.

What’s the “Kill Web” Concept?

The “Kill Web” concept, according to Yonhap, “refers to a multilayered yet integrated apparatus that employs cyber operations, electronic warfare tactics, and other means to disrupt and negate the enemy’s move to fire a missile even before its launch.” Unlike the country’s current Kill Chain preemptive strike system that proceeds in a single, linear direction, the in-development concept is much more flexible that allows “field officers to make adjustments to their initial target decisions,” subsequently optimizing its strike capabilities.