On September 14th, ASEAN, a Southeast Asian regional cooperative consisting of ten member-nations, opened the ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Capacity Building Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The Centre is designed to train personnel from member countries in countering cyber threats.

The coursework, designed by experts in Japan, will focus on analysis, forensics, and cyber defense. The Centre has a 700-student capacity. It will be housed at the Electronic Transaction Development Agency of Thailand.

Several countries in the region have suffered cyber-attacks over the last few years. Singapore’s government health database was breached, compromising the personal information of more than 1.5 million people. Malaysia defeated an attempt on its central banking system.  Thailand itself has been drafting bills as a result of cyber incursions in its government systems.

The Centre was the brainchild of a meeting of ASEAN and Japanese ministers last year in Cambodia.  The seriousness of the threats, and the lack of local cybersecurity personnel, meant that ASEAN had to look outside its member nations for help.