The RECCE/ Sniper Chest Rack was designed and developed on the battlefield by Special Operations Snipers.

I know we hear the word “operator” being thrown around a lot when it comes to the military community or gear, but what makes it “operator” worthy?  The word operator is in reference to Tier 1 special operations units, commonly referred to as Delta Force or DEVGRU. These units carry out some of our nation’s most sensitive operations and use some of the best, if not the best, gear our military has seen/used in theater.

We now get the chance to use the same quality of equipment some of these units use on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to RONIN Tactics.

RONIN Tactics comprises itself utilizing former Special Operations operators to bring some of the best products on the open market to date. After reaching out to a good friend over at the company, I had a chance to get a hold of one of their RECCE/Sniper racks. I was familiar with the set up as it’s similar to what I’ve used while in Ranger Battalion’s sniper section, but how well this product is holding up is better than anything I’ve used in the past.

So far, I’ve had the chance to run this gear during a few sniper movements/stalking, vehicle, and rucking exercises. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed. One of the best features of the Ronin Tactics RECCE/Sniper chest rack is the ability to “get low” quickly and comfortably without having any equipment getting in the way. The chest rack has a zippered front that allows you to open the rack and lay prone, or if need be, skull drag while using the ghillie suit. Usually, if I were on a stalk, I would keep my kit near by in a drag bag and would dawn the equipment once at/near the FFP (Final Firing Position). If I had to wear a rack of some sort under the suit, the snagging of equipment on the ground caused a variety of issues, dirt in mags, snagging branches, etc.

The split front also makes it extremely fast to throw over a slick plate carrier – something that was a necessity while performing vehicle training. This would have also been a great feature to have on long offsets while deployed or during long movements at high elevation in the mountains of Afghanistan. With long movements and offsets in mind, the RECCE/Sniper chest rack also includes foam shoulder pads, making the weight of ammo, Med gear, etc., extremely tolerable on the shoulders and not having it feel like its “digging” in and going numb. Huge plus!

Special Operations Gear | RECCE/SNIPER Chest Rig

The RECCE/Sniper chest rack is designed to conduct long offset movements.  This system was developed to accommodate the Operators ability to stay light and mobile to quickly get them to their Objective.  This Chest Rig features a zippered split front to allow Snipers to quickly move belly to ground (essential for precision shots). This split front also allows Operators to quickly throw rack system over a slick plate carrier for Direct Action operations.  The chest rig opens up to a mesh pocket to store extra gear.  The shoulder straps are lined with retainers to run camelback hose or communication wire. The shoulder straps also features FASTECH release buckles to allow assault back panels and packs to quickly snap on. –Ronin Tactics