Spike Aerospace announced it has conducted a test flight of a scaled down version of its proposed commercial supersonic jet aircraft.

An unmanned prototype of the 18 passenger S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet has taken to the skies for its first ever flight. Spike Aerospace, the firm behind the radical new “son of Concorde”, said the maiden test flight was a “huge success”.

Prototypes of supersonic jets with top speeds of 1,354 mph have only been carried out in wind tunnels to date. But now the futuristic jet has been tested in a “real world situation”, according to Spike. – Daily Star

Spike Aerospace, Inc. is an innovative aerospace firm leading a global collaboration of top firms in development of advanced aviation and aerospace products that offer safer, faster, more refined and reliable air transportation for our customers. We are currently focused on building a quiet supersonic private jet that will dramatically reduce flight times – by 50% in many cases. – Spike Aerospace

spike aerospace supersonic jet

Featured images by Spike Aerospace