Much has been said about the weapons the West has donated and will be donating to Ukraine. With many of them already received and much more on the way, Ukraine wasted no time in manufacturing their own T-84 tanks that can definitely help them repel Russian attacks, especially with the fighting now getting heated in Luhansk.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have recently released a couple of photos showing the Ukrainian T-84 tanks being deployed in Donbas, a rarity to see these days. According to reports, Ukraine’s 14th Mechanized Brigade is using the tanks in the areas near Kherson. several were also reported being used in northern Ukraine, specifically in Kharkiv, where Russians still control the majority of the areas.

Nowadays, it’s rare to see the T-84 Oplot, with the Ukrainian Armed Forces having just 5 or 6 units, merely enough for one platoon. Other reports also state that only ten were made by the Malyshev Factory almost 20 years ago, which is why we’re also getting reports they’re active in Kharkiv as the factory is also located there.

Ukrainian T-84 tank, most likely somewhere in the east (Arslon Xudosi). Source:
Ukrainian T-84 tank, most likely somewhere in the east (Arslon Xudosi/Twitter)

These 10 T-84s were not all kept by the Ukrainians. Four of them were sold to the US in the past for an unknown reason, possibly for research and training purposes, as it is a derivative of the T-80 Soviet-era tanks. The US Army operates an OPFOR unit of the 11th Cavalry Regiment at the National Training Center in Ft Irwin California. This unit has mocked-up or actual Russian military equipment and trains US units in Russian battle tactics and doctrine in elaborately staged battle exercises.