Utility is one of the most beautifully undervalued words in the English language.

Utilitarian Philosophy

Let it roll over your tongue…utility. I’m an unashamed utilitarian. When my father introduced me to backpacking, he may have created a monster. Backpacking requires one to really consider what’s necessary. If you’re hiking very far, ounces become far more important than creature comforts. I’ve seen plenty of people throw away their extra pair of light weight clothes just to shave the ounces in their packs. That may sound silly to you, but hop on the AT for a few, and you’ll sing a different tune.

In high school, while working at a backpacking and mountaineering shop, I was introduced to Spyderco knives. One quickly replaced my existing Gerber, and I never felt the need to go back. I enjoy a wide array of knife brands, but Spyderco options have been among my favorites for years. In particular, I find their little ladybug super handy.

Two Knives

Recently, I’ve been using two knives from Spyderco that scream UTILITY to me.

First up is a budget-oriented option called the Efficient. The Efficient is a liner lock knife with a 3” blade. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel, is full flat ground, and features a drop point profile.