One for the Veterans: Stag Arms Model 4

As we grow we tired of the over-accessorized and video-game inspired black rifle, Stag Arms has a model to take us back.  The Model 4 is built with inspiration from the real war fighter with features akin to the M16A2 and A3 models.  Devoid of acronyms and buzzwords the Model 4 pays tribute to what most of us experienced in the early days of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).


Author mid-battle w/M16A2. Photo Credit Guy Calaf “US forces from the US ARMY Battle company, second battalion. 503d regiment, 173d airborne brigade conduct a three day raid in the Southern Afghanistan Zabul Province on Sept 05-06-07 2005. on the first day they were dropped by helicopters in the Village of #####, in the ### Afghan district and immediately came to contact with taliban forces. During a four hour battle US forces killed 8 taliban and captured one. No US forces were injured or killed. On September 06th Battle company was moved to another location where a Taliban leader, on the top 20 of the US wanted list for Afghanistan, was supposed to be hiding…

Unlike the pre-war Colts which had been used and abused for years before the author even put a uniform on the Model 4 is issued in pristine condition with an excellent upper-to-lower fit and even bluing.  Twist-rate has been updated and the barrel is of heavy profile to make the Model 4 a better target rifle than an issued M16. Overall fir and finish is on par with the excellence we’ve come to expect from Stag Arms.

Product Specs

Weight: 8.5 pounds

Length: 39.75″