The SAFEST Magazine for the AR?
Maybe so!

Hexmag’s unique full-size reduced capacity magazines or its full 30-round magazine, they have a real safety feature that users of the .300 AAC Blackout will appreciate; Hexmag’s revolutionary HexID Color Identification System that allows one to see at a glance exactly which ammo is in the magazine!

The Dangerous Problem
The .300 AAC Blackout can be “successfully” but erroneously fed into an AR chambered for 5.56mm. How can that be? Well, a magazine with .300 Blackout rounds can be inserted into a 5.56mm AR. When the bolt is released, it drives the round forward hard enough to jam the .30 caliber bullet back into the cartridge case with the bullet tip plugging the barrel throat. To the unsuspecting shooter the fully forward and closed bolt carrier group looks right as did the feel of the chambering–time to fire.
However, when the round is fired (and it will fire!), the explosion can take out the receiver and harm or even kill the shooter and/or anyone nearby. If all goes well, then just the firearm will be ruined. It has been happening around the country and the explosion can be significant!
The Safety Solution
Hexmag’s HexID Color Identification System helps prevent caliber mix-ups like this by making it easy to see which ammunition or load is in a given magazine. Each Hexmag magazine comes from the factory with a bright orange follower and latch plate identifier.
It Gets Better
Gun owners may choose from several optional accessory follower and latch plate colors available at a retailer or at catalog outlets. These components can be used to designate what load or caliber is in the magazine, and in this example whether it is 5.56mm or .300 Blackout. Furthermore, the HexID Color Identification System is a great way to keep things safer for law enforcement agencies that use both the 5.56mm and .300 AAC Blackout in their operations. A great feature of Hexmag’s HexID system is switching these colored components takes maybe 30-seconds.
“We feel that this revolutionary system can really reduce the chances of shooters accidentally loading the wrong ammunition into their magazines or the wrong magazine into their rifles,” says Hexmag marketing director Dave Smith.


Hexmag’s unique patented aggressive magazine exterior surface provides incredible grip in any conditions or environment with or without gloves – and it can be augmented with optional Hexmag Extreme Grip Tape. Combined with dual-leg tilt-proof multi-color coded HexID Color Identification System magazine followers and floor plate identifiers, tool-less ease of disassembly for cleaning or emptying a load of ammunition without individual round stripping, the robust Hexmag Series 2 AR platform magazine becomes the most versatile and probably safest AR magazine on the market.
MSRP: $14.99
Hexmag magazines are made in the USA and come with Hexmag’s Lifetime Warranty!
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This article is courtesy of The Arms Guide.