Recent reports from the Dubai Airshow indicate a significant shift in the global arms market. It’s been observed that there’s a growing demand for Russian military equipment. This surge in interest is attributed to the demonstrated effectiveness of various Russian weapon systems in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

This alleged surge in interest has notably centered around key platforms such as the Su-35 fighters, Ka-52 helicopters, T-90 tanks, and TOS-1A heavy flamethrower systems, capturing the attention of potential buyers on a global scale.

Combat Performance and Market Impact

Deputy General Director of ROSTEC, Vladimir Artyakov, recently highlighted the remarkable combat efficacy and reliability demonstrated by specific Russian weapon systems during their deployment in the conflict zone of Ukraine’s “special military operation.”

According to a report by state-owned RIA Novosti, Artyakov has noted the resultant escalation in demand for these systems, attributing it to their proven performance in combat scenarios.

Notably, Russian military hardware showcased its capabilities, often confronting contemporary Western adversary hardware with notable success.