If you’re on the road a lot you need a survival kit. I was on leave a couple months back and driving a mountain pass when a snowstorm hit suddenly. The snow plows hadn’t yet arrived and the roads rapidly became very treacherous.  Cars were getting stuck on the side of the road every 10-20 feet and a thought occurred to me. How many of these people are prepared to survive the night at this altitude if they were to get stranded here? Perhaps a few had extra water on hand. But how many had enough gas to keep their cars running and heated until rescue? How many had clothing appropriate to the -10 F temperatures? Emergency services were quick to arrive.

As a survival instructor, my car survival kit tends to be on the extreme side. Your survival kit will vary depending on how many family members you have. I have 4 including myself that could possibly be in a survival situation. In general, there are 5 main things that can contribute to your survival in an isolating situation that you should focus on.

  1. Health (Psychological / Physical)
  2. Personal Protection (Clothing, Shelter, Fire)
  3. Sustenance (Water, Food)
  4. Communication (Cell phone, GPS locator, Radio, signaling devices)
  5. Travel