One main reason Saab purchased RUAG Warheads in 2007 was the NLAW missile (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon). Thun-based company is located 25 kilometers southwest of Bern, the Swiss capital. This is where they developed and manufactured the missile.

Saab has been able to exploit synergies in the Swedish group’s research and technology facilities since then because SBDS (Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland Ltd) has been integrated. As a result, Saab can swiftly adapt its designs to customer demands because of the ever-expanding and increasing technologies that form the foundation for new designs.

According to Christopher Leitner, Head of Marketing and Sales at Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland, the focus has shifted from multipurpose warheads to anti-tank weapons at present since the current situation does not allow for the development of multipurpose warheads.

However, though anti-tank warheads have long been the company’s specialty, Saab will not forego the multipurpose concept, as it is currently working on lightweight anti-tank warheads for loitering munitions or other weight-sensitive applications.