Current thinking seems to be that bullpups are obsolete technology that is finally dying off. In fact, more companies are developing and improving on the bullpup as a practical concept.

France has replaced their FAMAS with the H&K416. The FAMAS was a rushed design that should have never left the drawing board until it was perfected. France wanted a unique rifle that was their own. Mechanized warfare was the new big thing. Getting troops around the battlefield in armored personnel carriers was the best way to respond to the Commies when they came charging in from Eastern Europe. France found that the bullpup to do really well for them in other areas aside from just fitting in a vehicle.

When they were first adopted, the bullpup looked like the way of the future. You had a rifle that was shorter than 25-30″ in overall length, yet it had the range and functionality of a rifle that was 35-40″ long. As the Cold War died down, the days of the heavily mechanized armies died with it.

With the TAR-21(Tavor). Israel took the bullpup design to the next level. The most recent upgrade is the X-95, which is just now being sold in the US. It answers many of the issues with the bullpup design and makes the idea of going to a bullpup from a conventional rifle like the M-4, that much more tolerable. Overall, the feedback about the Tavor performance from the soldiers fighting almost daily is positive. Israel realized real quick that they needed a rifle that was good anywhere, from inside a vehicle and tight confines of urban fighting, to open fighting at medium to long range. I found this to be my reasoning for wanting a bullpup as well.