I’ve been a big fan of TAB GEAR products for some time now. My first encounter with TAB GEAR was during a sniper train-up before a deployment with the 75th Ranger Regiment, and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of one of their first sniper slings. Since then, I’ve seen the progression of the company as they’ve added a wide variety of products, ranging from precision rifle slings to suppressor covers.

I recently got my hands on a something that I wish my sniper team had while deployed overseas, or while training on the range at Ft. Benning. If you’ve been behind a long gun on the range, gathered D.O.P.E on a range, or conducted a surveillance/sniper operation tucked deep inside a room overlooking your objective, having a few spare rounds along with your range/D.O.P.E card all in the same place is a precision-shooter must. On a few occasions, while conducting operations as a sniper in Afghanistan, I would have to switch ammo from supersonic to subsonic .308. Overwatching a target, pre-calculating the come-ups needed to engage a target that may pop up for both rounds, and memorizing them is not easy to do. Having a spotter helps, but some missions dictate that you and your spotter must be separated.

The bullet binder carries 40 rounds and also has a section that the shooter can neatly tuck away or use to display necessary ballistic or operational  information, DA Form 5785 (range card), etc. The bullet binder comes in three color variations as well: the Highlander pattern, MultiCam, and coyote brown. The binder folds into itself, keeping the ammo secured with 40 individual elastic shell loops and dry by way of two layers of Cordura and a thick piece of plastic vinyl sandwiched between them. The contents within the binder are secured using an elastic band that is permanently attached to the outer spine, making it fast to open and secure if you’re on a time hack.

With the binder being small enough to pack away in just about any assault-pack pouch, drag bag, urban sniper kit, etc., I’d highly recommend it not only to those in the military, but to the precision-rifle hobbyist as well. It can be purchased here.


  • 1/8” bungee closure system that is user-replaceable and provides silent opening and closing.
  •  1” loop Velcro strip on the spine to attach caliber-identification labels.
  •  Thick vinyl sheeting to provide rigidity and strength.
  •  1000D Cordura
  •  Shell loops are staggered to prevent rounds from touching and to maintain as compact a package as possible.
  •  Clear window to allow instant viewing of D.O.P.E cards and other information.
  •  Forty-round capacity.