Birthday gifts can be a hit or miss. No matter how much you know the person you’re gifting, there’s still a good chance for them not to be as appreciative as you expect them to be. 

To avoid issues that could quickly strain relationships, we’ve compiled a list of birthday gift ideas for you to play around with. But if you notice, these are gifts tailored to impress a specific person. 

These items fall under the category of birthday gift ideas for veterans, those who love the outdoors, and people who enjoy cool stuff in general. Most importantly, they’re nifty and valuable items guaranteed to make the other person feel extra loved on their special day. 

So keep this list handy. At least for the next few years, you won’t run out of birthday gift ideas for your close kin. 

Tactical Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make Their Year

Here it is, dear readers. This list could very well be the only one you’ll need to put an ear-to-ear grin on the celebrant’s face. 

.50 Cal Bottle Opener By Bottle Breacher

Product screenshot

Nothing expresses your undying love for the red, white, and blue any more than Bottle Breacher’s .50 Cal Bottle Opener. The manufacturers pride their products as “a symbol of American heroism.” 

Just reading the product description would make you want to salute the flag.