The Tactical Tailor Active shooter bag and I have been having quite a bit of fun. I’m lucky enough to own a bit of property and have my own personal range. That means I really got to take it out and use it as necessary. Before we get to the shooting review let’s take a quick look at the bag itself. My first look went a little into this so check that out here.

The Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag is very well-built, I said that in my first look, but after a few weeks of use it’s still strong and dependable. I stored 8 loaded 30 rounds magazines in it for a short period of time and found the strap used to hold the gear was well made and extremely comfortable. A nice thick pad keeps the strap from digging in, and it genuinely reminds me of my M240 sling from Afghanistan. I said before I don’t think I need 8 magazines and I stand by that, but I wanted to test the strap for comfort and the bag itself for weight resistance. The bag held up perfectly fine, it didn’t even stress it.


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