Amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine, where Russia is expected to strike Donbas in the coming weeks, its ally China has been keeping a close eye on how the world is reacting to the Kremlin’s invasion. In anticipation of a possible invasion from Beijing, Taiwan has released its first war survival handbook to help prepare the public for any military confrontation with China.

The 28-page handbook, which informs the Taiwanese on possible war scenarios with China, focuses on how to survive in a conflict and how the island should respond to the Chinese. Some of the topics included in the handbook include how to find bomb shelters using a smartphone application, identify different warning sirens, source food and water supplies, and tips on how to prepare emergency first aid kits.

These basic how-to guides are aided by comic strips and pictures to show how citizens can protect themselves during a war. These tips can ultimately save their lives in a time of war in the island nation.

“(We) are providing information on how citizens should react in a military crisis and possible disasters to come,” an official from the ministry’s All-out Defense Mobilization unit Liu Tai-yi said during a news conference.