Last week, the National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) made a significant stride at the 2023 Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE), where it emphasized Taiwan’s commitment to enhancing its asymmetric warfare capabilities.

The exhibition, held at the Nangang Exhibition Center and running from September 14th to 19th, showcased a range of cutting-edge drones and highlighted Taiwan’s evolving defense strategy.

Advanced Drone Technology: Taiwan’s Latest Loitering Unmanned Aircraft

At the heart of the exhibition was an entire pavilion dedicated to displaying ten of NCSIST’s latest advanced drones, each with unique capabilities designed to bolster Taiwan’s defense. Among these drones, two stood out as particularly notable: the Loitering Unmanned Aircraft Types I and II.

Loitering Unmanned Aircraft Type I: This variant, launched by a single soldier, operates on a principle similar to the American-built Switchblade loitering munition. It boasts precision capabilities for Beyond Visual Range strikes through image tracking and pattern recognition. The Type I drone can fly for approximately 15 minutes, covering a maximum operational range of 10 km.