The Taliban destroyed an Afghan National Army helicopter as it landed on a remote Army base in the northeastern province of Kunar late last month. The Afghan government previously claimed the helicopter was damaged in an “emergency landing,” but the Taliban recorded the attack on video.

The dramatic video was produced by Al Emera, an official propaganda outlet of the Taliban, and released today by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Muhajid.

The Taliban claimed the helicopter, an Mi-8 Hip transport, was destroyed by an IED, or improvised explosive device, as it landed on a hilltop outpost in the Nari district in Kunar on March 24. According to the Taliban, 21 Afghan Army “commandos” were killed in the attack. The number of Afghan soldiers killed in the blast has not been confirmed.

The video is narrated by Taliban fighters who recorded the attack. As helicopter landed at the small base, several soldiers were close by watching the aircraft land. Within 30 seconds after landing, a massive blast toppled the aircraft, and completely destroyed it.

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