The Taylor 1911 9mm compact is a simple gun, but an interesting one. I’ve never had an opportunity to handle a 9mm 1911 so I jumped on the opportunity. I wasn’t expecting a lot, I figured it would be a pretty standard GI 1911. I wasn’t too familiar with Taylor’s 1911s and was more familiar with their western style revolvers. Taylor makes a wide variety of ‘cowboy’ guns and they’ve always been given high marks. I was actually pretty surprised when my FFL received this little bad boy.

Taylor 1911
The Taylor Compact Carry 1911

Taylor 1911 Overview

Of course, it’s pretty standard for a 1911 it’s not like Sig’s P938 which is 1911 like. Compact is a relative term in handgun size. Most people would call the previously mentioned SIG 938 a compact. This gun is compact compared to a government model 1911, but still a handful. It has a 3 5/8ths inch barrel, and a grip that completely fills the hand. It weighs about 2.5 pounds and the controls are all standard 1911 controls.

Taylor 1911
All Metal

A simple thumb and grip safety are present. It becomes a bit more unqiue when you start to go over the gun. The hammer is a combat hammer that is slightly shorter, with a round profile. There is a nice extended beavertail that allows the hand to ride nice and high on the gun. The trigger is also skeletonized and looks very nice.