The Teal 2 Drone Fleet is set to revolutionize night tactical operations for the US Air Force.

In a significant step towards bolstering the US Air Force’s capabilities, Red Cat’s Teal Drones has secured a $2.6-million contract this week for the delivery of the state-of-the-art Teal 2 small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to the service’s Security Forces. This development, announced in a press release, marks a major advancement in the field of unmanned aerial technology, with the Teal 2 poised to reshape night tactical operations with its cutting-edge features and capabilities.

A Strategic Partnership Between Red Cat and the USAF

The Teal 2 sUAS contract was awarded following a request through the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), demonstrating the US Air Force’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. It encompasses a comprehensive package including 172 Teal 2 drones, essential spare parts, and rigorous training, underscoring the holistic approach to ensure this groundbreaking technology’s successful integration and utilization.

Red Cat CEO Jeff Thompson expressed his pride in supplying the Air Force with the Teal 2, stating that its advanced capabilities will be vital in helping “to secure airfields and bases after dark.”

Elevating Night Tactical Operations with Teal 2

This sUAS technology represents a groundbreaking leap forward in addressing the intricate demands of night tactical operations. A standout feature of the Teal 2 is its incorporation of Teledyne FLIR’s latest Hadron 640R sensor, which delivers the highest-resolution thermal imaging available in a compact form factor. This breakthrough technology equips the sophisticated sUAS with unparalleled night-vision capabilities, enabling it to operate seamlessly in low-light conditions and provide critical insights to decision-makers.

The Teal 2 sUAS boasts impressive specifications, with a flight time exceeding 30 minutes, a lightweight design at 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg), and a flight speed of 23 mph (10 m/s). Its capabilities reach new heights with a maximum flight ceiling of 10,000 ft (3048 m) MSL and a remarkable max range of over 5 km when controlled. Equipped with a battery life of 6 hours, the Teal 2 offers extended operational durations, making it a versatile and reliable asset for a wide range of missions and environments.

(Screengrab via Red Cat)

Powering Intelligence and Decision-Making

Moreover, it goes beyond its impressive hardware and sensor capabilities by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems. These AI-driven features are geared toward enhancing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. The drone’s multi-vehicle control enables a comprehensive 360-degree view of a target or facilitates ISR on multiple targets simultaneously. This level of sophistication empowers operators with real-time, time-critical information that aids in swift and informed decision-making.