To be proficient in any discipline you must train constantly and with vigilance. To shoot, operate, and fight well you must practice whenever possible.  Finding a school or program to meet your needs takes time and much research. Fortunately there are many reputable and top-notch schools that are taught by former SOF and Law Enforcement personnel that have curriculum’s available for CQB methods, Maritime Security, Firearm proficiency and other subjects important to the warfighter, gun enthusiast or adventure seeker.  The Templar Jungle Training School is one unique campus that shares the wisdom of decorated and experienced war veterans.  It’s Advanced Jungle Tactics and Survival Training at its highest level.

Templar Jungle Training | Advanced Jungle Tactics and Survival Wisdom
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Who are they and how do they do this? What it is not is a “Be-A-Ranger-For-The-Day-Adventure.” What it is, it’s having an excellent if not legendary instructor cadre made up of former Selous Scouts, French Foreign Legion, Rangers and British SAS. These old guys bring their experience and expertise not to teach but to expound and fine tune of what you already know. When I spoke with Tim Bax, former Selous Scout, he said just that, “I’m not going to teach you anything. I am going to take you back, back-in-the-day.” Meaning, how to work situations with limited or no technology, rely on your training and common sense.  Training today’s active duty military students takes a different approach, especially U.S. Troops.  What the major opinion is that the SPECOPS community relies too much on technology. Over reliance on SAT Based COMS and NAV is detrimental, map reading skills are secondary and many are not proficient. Combine that with the current ROE’s, the SPECWAR Fighter is very limited to do what they were created to do, fight unconventionally. The courses are designed to fit each individual unit according to their needs and requirements. There are three types:1. Jungle warfare in addition to tropical medicine and tactical combat casualty care 2. Jungle assimilation 3. Adventure and team building exercises. The training base camp can be made up to reflect the jungle environment to which the deployment is to be made, whether it be the jungles of South America, Asia or Africa.  The location is ideal, the mission…bring back the unconventional back into unconventional warfare.

Where do they do this? Their website advertises, “The Templar II Remote Jungle training camp is nestled in an almost impregnable gorge beneath triple canopy rain forest on the banks of the Tanama River, Puerto Rico,  on the outer fringes of the Caribbean Islands. The open-air camp is constructed of timber and natural materials found in the jungle. It comprises kitchen facilities, ablutions, lecture facilities, fireside chat facilities and much more. The area in which the camp is situated is wholly owned by Templar II Associates and covers a vast track of hugely challenging mountainous terrain in which can be found thickly covered, meandering streams, deep, fast flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls. The area in which the camp is situated is considered a “friendly and safe habitat,” free from poisonous snakes and dangerous animals.”

Templar Jungle Training | Advanced Jungle Tactics and Survival Wisdom

Not a former or current service member? No problem! The training is not limited to only military, they do have civilian, GOV and non-GOV courses available on a regular basis. Just recently a group of women took a week to learn the basics of jungle survival, in which they did very well, not to mention having tons of fun.  The civilian courses offered range from disaster relief teams to aircrew survival training for airlines. Maybe you just want the knowledge or know how for your next expedition into the Amazon or points beyond. The instructor staff will have a curriculum to fit your needs.

What makes this school truly unique is the experience and the wisdom they have to share, the wisdom that they are willing pass down. All you have to do is listen and learn. “What we are here to do is to introduce you to the person you are,” – Opening Staff Statement.