Myanmar’s military has imposed martial law in 37 townships across eight states and regions, where people accused of treason or “spreading false news” will be tried by military tribunals. On Wednesday, the military announced it had extended the state of emergency it imposed at the time of the coup.

The announcement indicates that the military is looking for new ways to stamp out resistance in areas where people took up arms against its power grab two years ago.

According to an independent watchdog, over 2,948 civilians have been killed since Feb. 1, when peaceful protests were suppressed with lethal force by Myanmar’s Military; a spokesperson from National Unity Government believes this number will increase due to increased killings and torture under the pretext of stabilizing country. In rare comments reported on Wednesday, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing acknowledged more than one-third of the township is not entirely under control by his forces.

Since the Feb. 1 coup in Myanmar, the military has been expanding martial law across 37 townships to crush resistance to its rule. As a result of this oppressive action, civilians have experienced increased violence and death with no sign of the emergency state ending anytime soon.