Yesterday we witnessed yet another attack on the homeland. This specific attacked happened in NYC, just blocks from the World Trade Center. Although not nearly as deadly as 9/11, it’s still an attack on our country no matter how small. The weapon used in this specific attack was a rental truck. The terrorist used the rental truck to drive down a popular bike path and run down as many pedestrians as he possibly could in the 8 mile distance he drove.

This is a perfect example of terrorists or those hell-bent on violent attacks improvising with their delivery methods. No firearms, knives or explosives used this time, just a commonly available rental truck. Although we cannot predict when these events will happen, we can follow a few protocols to better prepare ourselves to react to these violent attacks. In cities such as NYC it is very difficult to obtain concealed carry permits and even if you do, you’re extremely restricted as to where you can carry, so we’re not even going to cover that option.

In this specific terrorist attack there was probably little anyone could do to actually stop the driver, but if you’re on the scene, you’ve just become a first responder until the police and medics arrive.

As the saying goes “seconds count when first responders are minutes away“.

In the immediate aftermath of attacks such as this we need to be ready and prepared to step in and provide emergency care until the police and medics arrive. To do so, I recommend at a very minimum getting your first aid and CPR certification (and keeping it current).

Second thing is to carry a medical kit. Be sure you know how to use the contents of your medical kit before being thrust into a high stress situation. For that very reason I like to keep my kit simple yet effective. Not too long ago I covered the 4 must have items every medical kit should contain. Those 4 items are easy to obtain and don’t break the bank to purchase. After all you can’t put a price on human life. Be prepared!

Me personally, I have my medical items layered, so that I always have something to work with and I suggest you do the same.

On my person I keep a SWAT-T Tourniquet in my back pocket.