The United Kingdom is dispatching to Ukraine a newer, extended-range missile that can be managed by people right up until it hits its destination.

Ukraine is now in possession of a British missile system that is more user-friendly.

The Brimstone 2 is an extended version of the first Brimstone air-to-surface anti-tank missile, which has been supplied to the Ukrainian military. In addition to its new features, it is now able to be guided to its destination by a person instead of automatically locking on to the supposed objective.

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense verified the missiles were sent to Ukraine in a video released on Nov. 27, and it demonstrated how they were delivered as well as their features.

The Brimstone missile, the brainchild of MBDA, a European weapons manufacturer, is derived from the American-manufactured Hellfire anti-tank rocket. It was first used by the Royal Air Force in 2005 and saw action in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya conflicts.

The 6-foot-long Brimstone 1 rocket was created to be a fire-and-forget projectile with a reach of around 12 miles. This missile was outfitted with a millimeter-wave radar capable of finding and automatically targeting a tank without needing to be directed by the airplane or helicopter that launched it.

However, after some time in combat, an issue became apparent. In Afghanistan, the regulations for engagement stated that missiles must be directed by a person to prevent the missile from hitting unintended civilian objectives. This negated the possibility of using fire-and-forget technology.

So with this, the Royal Air Force requested a double-guidance framework in 2007. The Brimstone 2 still holds up its fire-and-neglect radar. However, it is additionally furnished with a semi-active laser hunter, which permits the rocket to point towards a target that a person has enlightened with a laser marker. It additionally has a more noteworthy range, allegedly 25 to 37 miles.