Soldiers don the Capability Set 3 (CS3) militarized form factor prototype of the Army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) and wield a Squad immersive Virtual Trainer (SiVT) during a training environment test event at its third Soldier Touchpoint (STP 3) at Fort Pickett, Virginia.

The military is moving swiftly to the prepare for the battlefield of the future. Augmented Reality technology is becoming increasingly wieldy and new platforms are being field tested.

The IVAS system essentially works as a heads-up display in the form of goggles. The goggles provide the status of each soldier, showing hydration, fatigue, stress, and temperature. The goggles will also help soldiers with target acquisition and accuracy during an engagement, allowing them to hit targets at a much greater range.

Of course, the goggles can record all actions and movement as well. They can thus serve as a tool for training and real-world after-action reports by showing the location and movements of each soldier in a unit.

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