SOFREP is pleased to announce the opening of our store featuring tons of Spec Ops Approved tactical items, clothing, and our #1 gear subscription box, Crate Club.

Check it out and let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see. Also, keep an eye out for more cool gear in the near future.

Want to support SOFREP? Then the SOFREP “Faded” tee is for you. The comfortable shirt and faded logo are perfect for a casual Friday at the office (or maybe even a Saturday, because much like the news, you never seem to take a day off).



Looking for some new EDC gear? Start with our EDC Bundle. It’s always important to find a balance between being prepared and not drawing undo attention to yourself, and that’s where the Crate Club EDC Bundle really shines. This kit includes two different low-profile weapons you can use to defend yourself in a bad situation that stow easily inside the included Oakley backpack or even in your pockets. And when the fighting is over, the mechanic tourniquet can help save your life, or the life of anyone else that may have been seriously hurt in whatever incident you happen across.