How does a hypermasculine brand respond to the #MeToo era? The answer is to aggressively hire more women in the C-suite, according to Hurricane Media CEO Brandon Webb. If other male executives are afraid to work with women, he figures it’s a good time to snag great talent.

“I personally think women executives have more company loyalty (they don’t bounce around every few years the same way men do) and would consider a woman for any C-level opening we have. I think there’s a ton of value in the market and opportunity for us because we’ll pay market rate where I know some companies still have a pay disparity when it comes to women/men,” Webb told me when we talked about how he and the Hurricane brand were approaching the #MeToo era.

Plus, since Hurricane caters to a demographic interested in extreme maleness, he thinks it wouldn’t hurt to have a female CMO when approaching potential big advertisers.

Webb is a former Navy SEAL who among other accomplishments in his military career revised the SEAL’s sniper training program using principles of performance training that dispensed with criticism and negative feedback and replaced it with positive reinforcement and guidance. He is notably self-reflective and not afraid to talk about emotions.