Veterans and active-duty troops have a love-hate relationship with war movies. There are many great war movies out there. And then there are the horrible ones… Movies so bad that will make your eyes blast out of their sockets and leave you begging for mercy faster than an al-Shabaab terrorist begs. But SOFREP’s brave writing staff decided to sacrifice itself for you, watch the dregs of the war-movie genre, and pick the worst war movies of all time!

Some of our picks may surprise you. Let us know your worst war movies in the comments below.

So, in no particular order, we have:

1) Battleship (2012)

Battleship is one of the worst war movies of all time
A very pissed-off metallic fish. You can find this delicacy at your closest Whole Foods.

If you walked into a room expecting to be mentally tortured with a two-hour presentation on Insurance Actuarial Tables and they showed you Battleship instead, 15 minutes into the film you’d be stomping your feet and screaming, “GIVE US THE ACTUARIALS NOW!”

Battleship is what happens when you spend $250 million to keep the Computer Graphics team from the Transformers series working between movies and you get your script from a Reddit thread for free.

In Battleship, aliens invade the Earth with just five ships. But they are the worst space navigators ever. Their comms ship hits a satellite on the way in and manages to crash-land in Hong Kong while the other four ships miss the continents of Asia and North America altogether and crash into the water off Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands.

When a U.S. Navy destroyer makes contact with the aliens it’s up to the group of Navy heroes to torture our eyes and brain.

While the action is fast-paced and well-rendered in CG, the military advisor the producers hired probably got all his military experience as a non-paying member of World Of Warships.